Monday, 3 March 2014

Final Collection

So i've been making my final collection, which I need to finish ASAP as there is a big opportunity for me coming up. I have been making progress on my knitting and have actually knitted five jumpers this month, which i'm very happy with. Here is an insight to the process behind making one of my final garments... After choosing my theme, colours and materials, I start with sampling.

I was happy with this as I love the amount of texture from the recycled yarn and the simple but effective stitch pattern. After taking measurements it was time to draft my pattern, with a little help from PG Tips amazing new cup (the monkey's dressing gown disappears when the cup gets hot) and Reese's Peanut Butter cups... My favourite!

After completing my patterns it was time to start making progress...

After one productive saturday I had drafted my block, made my patterns and knitted the back of my jumper and the knitted continued onto sunday.

The jumper currently looks like this but will look a little different by the end, can't wait to finish and show everyone the complete collection... all garments will be completed for my fashion show on the 30th May!

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