Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Ethical Fashion Show 2014 #efs14 and my final collection!

1/5/14: The Ethical Fashion Show 2014 raised £2,500 for the Rehema charity!

An amazing night that showcased over 30 menswear and womenswear brands/designers. An amazing panel including: Safia Minney, Lucy Siegle, Ben Ramsden, Tamsin Lejeune, Kate Dangerfield and Sam Maker. All proceeds went to the Rehema Centre.

A beautiful venue at St. Pauls Hammersmith, a very insightful discussion about the current state of sustainability in the fashion industry and the future, with a brilliant panel of experts. It was funny to be sitting in the same room listening to people I have quoted and used as examples in my dissertation! Here are some images of the venue filling up and the panel.


I had the pleasure of showcasing my final collection at this event and am so happy I helped to contribute to a great cause. There really were some amazing examples of what can be done with ethical/sustainable fashion and some beautiful work from the designers. My collection featured with some established brands which I was happy about. My collection was mistakenly shown on women instead of men :), which I understand was an easy mistake to make, the colours, the prints etc. are extremely girly and are purposely pushing that boundary. I don't mind as it's quite a funny story and I still have the chance to style and showcase the collection on men myself at my end of year show. Here are some images of the collection on women and I will soon be showing it on men too, Unisex haha!!

“Donald Linderyd, www.dlinderyd.com

“Donald Linderyd, www.dlinderyd.com

I designed, made the patterns for and hand knitted all my jumpers with recycled yarn, some made from jersey, the cream jumper is recycled threads which makes a boucl√© style yarn. I hand drew and edited my own prints for the trousers on Photoshop, then screen printed all my trousers with sustainable inks. I did all the patterncutting for my trousers and did all the manufacture, sewing etc. 

It was a great opportunity to be part of the show and it was a great event! I also won a raffle prize!!! This candle smells amazing and it's nice to know it isn't full of chemicals!

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